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A Summer of ABC’s

Photograph by Pineapple Supply Co.

I have a confession to make:

Despite being a huge believer in owning your time and not letting your schedule control you, I’m in the midst of a season where I’m definitely being controlled by my time. I’ve taken on too many projects and, though they’re all worthy endeavors, it means my life has been thrown off-balance and I haven’t had time for the things that make me feel healthy.

Like creating.

Because for the creative soul, making time to feed your creative self is an act of self-care, just like exercise. When we get too busy, we let things like exercise slip, and for a while we are able to function just fine. But as time goes by, though we are still surviving and getting things done, we just don’t feel well. We just don’t feel happy. The same goes for not feeding yourself creatively.

photograph by aral tasher

Of course the challenge is this:

For the creative soul, we need to make time for the normal self-care routines that everyone else does, like eating well, exercise, and rest. AND we need time to fuel the creative fire.

How do we do it all?

The answer is the ABC: Achievable Bite-sized Creativity.

ABC’s are designed to be small, manageable challenges that take an hour or less of your time. (Note: not necessarily a consecutive hour! Fit them into your schedule the way it works for you.)

The purpose of the ABC is to fuel your creative fire by providing you with inspiration, brainstorming time, or the thrill of actually accomplishing something creative, in a way that works with your schedule during those times when your life is off-balance.

ABC’s are great whether you’re accustomed to a creative habit but are just feeling drained and stretched for time. They are also great for the person who hasn’t done anything creative for a while, is longing to inject some artistry into their life, but just doesn’t know where to start.

Every week this summer, I am going to post a new ABC challenge to the blog.

Summer is a great time to implement ABC’s because, though it’s a time of fun and celebration, summer has a way of getting away from you. You are so busy traveling and making plans, that sometimes you can simply end up exhausted! (Much the same way people sometimes feel they need a vacation after their vacation.)

You might just crave some intentional alone time after all the social fun.

You might just want to keep a pin in your goals as you’re busy with family and friends.

Or you  might be on break from school and looking for something to do with your summer.

No matter your situation, if you are looking for some easy ways to get in touch with your creative self this summer, ABC’s can help you.

For 12 weeks, starting Memorial Day: Monday, May 29, I’m going to post an ABC challenge on this blog.

Your mission is this: to find some time, an hour or less in your week, to complete the mission, and let me know how it went by either commenting here on the blog, or posting on our Facebook page. I can’t wait to hear how ya’all are keeping the fire alive over the summer!

Summer time and the living is easy, and so is the Artful Living! Won’t you join us for a summer of ABC’s?



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