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ABC Week 6: Let a Little Laughter In!

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“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” – Lord Byron

***Author’s Note: through some unknown error, this post, which was scheduled to post July 3, did not post as scheduled! As I was celebrating the holiday with my family, I did not catch this error until my return home. My apologies to my faithful readers, and I hope you still find this post useful and FUN!***

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Actually, Independence Day is tomorrow, but I want to wish you a joyful celebration with your family and friends. Thank you to all the servicemen and women, past and present, who have sacrificed so much for us. We remember and thank you today!

This is a short week, as Tuesday is a holiday and that always means the rest of your week is a little “off”: traveling back home, catching up on laundry, most likely getting takeout 🙂

So today’s assignment is not so much an assignment as a reminder.

A reminder that, when carried through your days and weeks, will make everyday life richer and more joyful:

Let a little laughter in.

Not as an afterthought. Not begrudgingly as you put your head down and seriously go about your day.

Photo by David Siglin on Unsplash

Seek it out. Make a little time for laughter everyday.

What does this look like?

Pausing to laugh at the ridiculousness of your child covered in spaghetti before immediately jumping to clean it up.

Playing a funny game or singing a dopey song in the car when the crabbiness starts to set in and they start elbowing and yelling at each other.

Inviting yourself to laugh: popping in a funny movie as you cook dinner or wash the dishes. Bringing up “Weird Al” Yankovic on YouTube if all else fails. (Is it weird that I’m completely unashamed that “Amish Paradise” completely slayed me the other day? No regrets.)

The point is, laughter is essential. Ask the Mayo Clinic: it is as much a component of a healthy day as eating your veggies. You need this for your soul. But it is shockingly easy to go through your day without laughing. That’s why seeking out and letting laughter in have got to be intentional.

Ok, I get why it’s good for me, but what does this have to do with creativity?

Because laughter not only makes you healthier, it actually makes you more creative.

According to Psychology Todayresearch suggests that humor truly does make you more creative. Studies show that people in a lighter mood have more “aha!” moments and greater inspiration.

Laughter is also hugely helpful in collaborative situations (like choreographing a dance with other dancers, helping someone else plan a party, or working with your spouse to figure out how to get the kids to eat their dinner!) Think about it, when you share a laugh with someone, who don’t only ease the tension, but you have a shared moment. You’ve shared the same “laugh language” in a way. After all, we don’t all laugh at the same things. So when you’ve shared a laugh, you’ve shared a real connection. You kinda say, “I get you.”

This week, purposefully invite laughter into your day.

Then do it again next week. Try to make this an everyday practice, and see how that changes the way you walk through your days.

Questions for journaling:

  • What makes you laugh? Try to list as many things as you can think of that produce a giggle or guffaw
  • Who makes you laugh? Anyone in your life that you can count on to put a smile on your face? Maybe give that person a call today when you need a lift?
  • What are you going to do today to let a little laughter in? Pick one thing from your list and add it to your day today. Repeat as needed.

This week I’d love to know:

What makes you laugh? What did you do this week to lighten your mood? How did that change the trajectory of your day/week?

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