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Achievable Bite-Sized Creativity 2017 At-A-Glance

Photo by Felipe Elioenay on Unsplash

Hi there, artful friends.

In case any of you need a shot-in-the-arm of creativity, even after our challenge has ended, I thought I’d put all the links to the challenges here in this handy-dandy spot.

And if you’re wondering what in heckfire I’m talking about, start here. 


A Summer of ABC’s! 

ABC Week 1: Training Ourselves to Have Fun Again!

ABC Week 2: Mining Your Musical Memories

ABC Week 3: Use Your Creativity to Spread Kindness

ABC Week 4: Slow Down and Notice Your Life

ABC Week 5: Learn Something New and Invigorate Your Brain

ABC Week 6: Let a Little Laughter In!

ABC Week 7: 13 Ways to Enjoy Beauty Right This Minute

ABC Week 8: Don’t Let Your Brain Be Lazy: Overcoming Functional Fixedness

ABC Week 9: Enjoy Free Art!

ABC Week 10: Bring Beauty Into Your Home

ABC Week 11: Cultivate Creative Community

ABC Week 12: Give Yourself the Gift of 15 Minutes Doing Something You Love

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