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Free Culture Alert! Twin Cities Jazz Festival 2017

Photograph by William White

“Gosh, I wish I could go see some live music or a play or something. But everything’s so expensive. Sigh. Might as well stay home and watch bingewatch Netflix….again….”

Hang on, my friend! I have something very fun and very FREE for you to do this weekend, if you live in the Twin Cities area!

The 19th Annual Twin Cities Jazz Festival is happening THIS WEEKEND, June 22-24 at venues all across Saint Paul.

Image Via Twin Cities Jazz FEstival

If you like Jazz (Brandon) , are curious about America’s indigenous art form (Kate) , or you’re just broke and need to get out of the house (Everyone), you have no excuse to not check out one of the many amazing, FREE events happening this weekend in Saint Paul.

This is no rinky-dink festival, my buddies.

These are big names like McCoy Tyner, Joshua Redmond, and Terence Blanchard, in addition to a bevy of local musicians.

There are shows in the afternoon. There are shows in the evening. There are shows in parks, bars, and even libraries! (I’m starting to feel like a carnival barker here!)

So there’s really no excuse, you see! Brandon and I are looking forward to seeing McCoy Tyner this Saturday. It is an awesome twist of fate that this legendary pianist will be playing the very weekend of my jazz-loving husband’s birthday. Perhaps we will see you there?

I’m just so thankful that the good folks at the Twin Cities Jazz festival have given this amazing, FREE gift to the community.

So let’s show our thanks by giving them a great turn out!

Photograph by Zachary Nelson

Remember, my friends:

there are always ways to enjoy culture, no matter your budget! You just have to keep an ear to the ground and get a little creative. I do my best to let you know about free and/or inexpensive events because I believe everybody deserves to live artfully. And please, if you hear tell of any free/inexpensive events of artful resources, please do let me know so I can pass it on to the other Artful Living enthusiasts!

This week I would love to know:

Are you a jazz fan? What are your favorite artists/songs/albums?

Do you know of any free resources or events the rest of us should know about?

Do share!

And one bonus question: How’s your Summer of ABC’s coming along?

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