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Weekend Whimsy 10.13.2017

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Fall Nature Walk Round-up!

So you want to get outside this weekend, but you don’t want to brave the herds at the Apple Orchard?

I LOVE picking Apples (in fact, that’s hopefully what we will be doing this weekend!) But sometimes you want to do something a little more lowkey, a little more peaceful, and a little more in-tune with Nature.

Enter the Nature Walk.

You can do a Nature Walk anywhere. You can hike at a State Park if you want to, find a secluded trail, or even just take the time to move mindfully through a green space at your local park. There is always plenty to see if you slow down and take a look!

This week, I have three great ideas for how to make the Nature Walk even more interactive, great for whether you have kids, or just like to do little projects!

Perfect for: Small Children

Via Simple As that Blog

The Nature Walk Bracelet

Dreamed up by Simple As That,  this easy Nature Walk Bracelet is a fun, interactive way to get your little collectors excited about the trail. You never know what gorgeous leaf or flower will be waiting round the next bend!

Perfect for: School-Age Children

The National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Observation Hike

This simple Wildlife Log is a great way to encourage your tiny naturalists! Print off a couple of these puppies and the whole family will have a blast trying to observe as much flora and fauna as possible. I really like how they include categories I wouldn’t necessarily think of: fungi, anyone? Really encourages you to take in the whole scene!

Perfect for: The Incorrigible Crafter

Via Crafty Morning

Fall Leaf Hedgehogs

Here’s a great idea for what to do with all those leaves you can’t resist picking up on your walk!

Crafty Morning says it’s “for kids”, but seriously, who wouldn’t love these adorable leaf hedgehogs? Make a bunch and string them together into a garland to make it look a little more adult, if necessary. Or just go crazy making these little buddies and hide them in your home for a fun scavenger hunt.

Hedgehogs = cute.

Leaves = Beautiful.

This craft = Great Idea.

Hope you have a blast getting out there this weekend. Let’s soak up all the beauty this fall has to offer!


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