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Weekend Whimsy 9.22.2017

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Welcome to the first ever Weekend Whimsy!

I’m so excited to bring you a few ways to make the most of this weekend. Whether it’s enjoying one last summery treat, the first crisp flavors of autumn, or taking in a play, these are the ideas that sound delightful to me this weekend!

Taste: One Last Summer Dessert

Photo by Faith Durand via TheKitchn.com

You may be chomping at the bit to enjoy fall flavors, and I am, too. But this weekend is gonna be HOT. Like, grossville. So why not take the opportunity to enjoy one last easy summer dessert before submitting fully to pumpkin-spice, apple-everything realm?

Enjoy ripe strawberries before they’re out of season entirely with this fresh and delicious strawberry icebox cake from The Kitchn. The pic looks fancy, but you can make this as fancy or as casual as you like it. You could literally dump a bunch of strawberries on top of this delicious filling and you would still not be able to stop yourself from eating this.

Either way, this is an incredibly easy-to-prepare treat. The hardest thing will be waiting to eat it. Enjoy.

Refresh: Autumn Infused Water

Via Self Proclaimed Foodie

If you simply can’t wait to partake in delightful seasonal flavors, why not do it in a way that makes sense on a 90 degree September day?

This tasty water infused with autumnal fruits and cinnamon will ensure you stay hydrated during the heat wave, but give you those cozy fall vibes you’re jonesing for.

Get the recipe here.

See: Two Ways to Will

Photo by Jenny Graham via Guthrietheater.org

Romeo and Juliet at the Guthrie Theater

It may sound corny, but I love  the play Romeo and Juliet. I get that everybody has bad memories of reading it in 9th grade English class. But I just think the language is so rich, and there is so much potential for humor and pathos to be mined if you stay away from playing it sentimentally.

So I’m sad to say I’ve never actually seen a production that comes close to how I envision the play in my head. I’ve always come away vaguely dissatisfied.

Until last week, when I had the pleasure of taking in a preview performance of Joseph Haj’s production at the Guthrie Theater.

Ya’all, this production came as close as I’ve ever seen to the production in my head.

Kate Eastman as Juliet and Ryan-James Hatanaka as Romeo bring a freshness and playfulness I’ve always wanted to see to their roles. The roles of Friar Lawrence and the Nurse, as played by James A. Williams and Candace Barrett Birk, beautifully execute the unique relationships these caregivers hold with the young people. There is not a weak link to be found in the overwhelmingly talented cast, dressed in inventive costuming by the amazing Jennifer Moeller, who designed the gorgeous costuming of last season’s King Lear. 

Overall, I loved this night at the theater, and I loved that I got to see it for the reduced preview price- what up Affordable Artistry! Previews are now over, but you can always try to rush the show for affordable tickets.

For more info on this gorgeous production, click here.

Royal Shakespeare Company In Cinemas: Titus Andronicus

Can it be included in “Weekend Whimsy” if it’s called “Shakespeare’s most bloody play”?

I’ve never seen Titus Andronicus. I remember studying bits of it in acting school, and it…is…intense.

Considering it’s gory reputation, this play isn’t produced all that often. So when I learned that the Royal Shakespeare Company is delivering encore screenings of this revenge tragedy around the world, I jumped at the chance to go.

I’ll be staying up laaaate Tuesday night with my girls of the Shakespeare club, viewing RSC’s production at Edina Cinema.

To view the trailer, and find screenings in your city, visit RSC’s website here.

I hope wherever this weekend takes you, you have some lovely adventures!

I would love to know, what are you doing this weekend? How are you celebrating fall- whether in big or small ways? I want to hear all of it!

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