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Welcome to Artful Living

photograph by Alex Jones

You need Artful Living.

If you are tired of the offensive and brain cell-killing content of most popular entertainment these days, you need Artful Living.

If you “used to be” creative as a child, but feel you have no time for art these days, you need Artful Living. You need Artful Living if you believe you are not brave enough, organized enough, or talented enough to write that book or paint that canvas.

If you, like me, are a stressed out parent to young children, longing to live a beautiful lifestyle, but too intimidated by the “perfection” you see online, you need Artful Living.

I’m writing this blog for you, dear reader, in the suspicion that there are others, like me, who identify with all of the above.

You wish there was more creativity in your life, but you’re too caught up in the “business of living” to pursue art. The two seem incompatible.

Perhaps you, like me, are a young mom who ends each day exhausted, feeling unfit for anything but screen time. Disappointed by the lack of quality entertainment in this celebrity-worshiping, oversexualized media culture, you flick off the screen and your mind wanders to what you would do differently. The movie you would write. The song you would play.

But that’s silly, you think. There is laundry to fold and lunch to pack for tomorrow. Who has time to create? 

So perhaps you get your weary bones off the couch and head to the kitchen to accomplish one more task in your never ending list. Your eyes rest for a minute on a piece of paper on the fridge: pink, orange, and blue paint smeared ecstatically by your child in a moment of unreserved joy.

Is that silly?

Would you ever take your child’s artwork, rip it in two and throw it in the trash, before their little eyes?

I’m willing to bet the answer is no.

Instead, you buy them paints and crayons! You get out the construction paper and encourage them in their efforts. And when they are done, you find something to say you like, though you have no idea what it is. It is hung on the fridge and there it stays, till the edges are wilted and many more masterpieces take its place.

Hopefully, someone did the same thing for you when you were a child. And that person, your mom or dad or grandparent or teacher, would never want to hear you say “that’s silly”. They did not take your work, rip it up and throw it in the trash, so why do you do that to your dreams?

Listen, I realize your days are full.

Whether you are a parent, a student, or working multiple jobs to get by, we all live busy lives. And making art and being creative doesn’t seem “necessary”.

But I would argue it is. As I mentioned above, the majority of popular entertainment these days is tragically low-quality and pandering. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. The only way to change culture is if ordinary men and women take back their right to create, instead of just consume, culture. Breaking out the pen and paints may seem like a small step. But it is a step nonetheless in reclaiming a vibrant civilization.

photograph by Quino Al

That’s all very well and good, you may say, but remember that never ending list of duties?

Yes, I remember.

Like you, I live a full life. But it is my mission to make it an Artful one.

Following a season of chronic overwhelm, I have made it my mission to stop the madness  and pursue a creative life. I have developed doable, realistic strategies to:

  • live simply to make more time to create
  • become more prolific as an artist
  • live more beautifully at home
  • and pursue the “finer things” in life, even on an artist’s budget.

I want to share these strategies with you because I believe this pursuit of Artful Living is vital, not just to my happiness, or your happiness. It is vital to the quality of our culture.

So break out the paints, the pen, or the piano! Get ready to infuse some beauty into your life.

Welcome to Adventures in Artistry.

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